Here are instructions for making loan payments
Make your loan payment

BSI Financial does not accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid credit cards or electronic MoneyGram as a form of payment.

**ALERT **

PLEASE DO NOT REMIT PAYMENT VIA THIS THIRD PARTY VENDOR WEB ADDRESS: BSI Financial Services does not accept credit/debit card payments and this company is not affiliated with BSI Financial Services. Refer below or to the back of your statement for valid payment options. Thank you.

Please choose one of our many convenient payment options listed below:

Pay online

To make your loan payment online, login to your online account.

Pay by mail

To remit payments mail to:
    BSI Financial Services
    PO Box 679002
    Dallas, TX 75267-9002
To remit overnight payments/payoffs, mail to:
    BSI Financial Services
    Lockbox Number 679002
    1200 E Campbell RD, STE 108
    Richardson, TX 75081
Pay by Telephone

You may use our Pay-by-Phone option to make a payment over the telephone by calling 800.327.7861. You may be charged a fee for this service.

Pay by ACH (Automatic Monthly Payments)

Login to your online account:
  • Log In
  • Navigate to the Make Paymentscreen
  • Select one-time or recurring ACH
  • Enter your account details
  • Click Submit
Pay via Western Union

Visit the Western Union office nearest you. To make the payment, you will need your loan number, the CODE CITY ("BSI") and the STATE ("PA").

To locate the Western Union office nearest you, call 800.325.6000.