We have five core values that guide our business and create value for our clients
How we behave defines our brand

At BSI Financial Services, we believe our brand is defined by how well we perform in support of clients, and that every client contact presents an opportunity to shape our brand message. Accordingly, we encourage our employees to embody five core values as they perform their assignments and support you, our valued client:
  • Always do the right thing. Be transparent. Do not conceal mistakes.

  • Always improve by solving problems. Look for a better way.

  • Deliver on expectations. Your word is your bond.

  • Win with humility. We support each other and celebrate as a team.

  • Be frugal. Spend the company’s money wisely so we can invest in our future.
The five values are communicated to every employee through a Brand Handbook that is maintained on a shared drive. Posters and signage placed in our offices provide visual reminders of the core values and the desired behavior. Employees are also reviewed on a regular basis for how well they support the core values.