Our loan due diligence services are thorough and can lead to more informed decisions
Make confident investment decisions when we perform due diligence

Acquiring mortgage assets can represent a significant opportunity -- but only if you understand the risks and bid appropriately. At BSI Financial Services, we are well positioned to help you formulate a risk and workout strategy as part of our due diligence service. We make it easy to get started with coordinated set up and delivery.

Be assured of a thorough and exacting evaluation
  • During setup, we determine the scope and size of the audit, coordinate delivery of materials and verify receipt. Your shipment should include the following items:

    • > Data tape
      > Electronic files
      > Original collateral packages (if collateral review is in scope)
      > Servicing notes and comments
      > Payment history

  • We review all Regulatory Compliance items, including TILA and GFE documents, and the final HUD-1 statement. Documents are checked for proper signatures and consistency with other documents, such as notes and riders.
  • In Collateral Review, we examine the recorded security instrument and all applicable riders and mortgage assignments for completeness and conformity.
  • All note and mortgage-related items are reviewed for completeness and consistency with riders and other documents. Mortgage insurance certificates are also reviewed, as required.
  • Title insurance, flood and hazard policies are examined for completeness and validity.
Due diligence that accommodates your unique investment perspective
  • Create a customized due diligence process using components of our step-by-step process.
  • Our due diligence process places appropriate emphasis on risks inherent to particular portfolios.
  • Files are reviewed using a loss mitigation perspective, with appropriate recommendations for liquidation, restructuring, modification or foreclosure.
  • Pre-acquisition due diligence enables you to invest with work-out options already identified, reducing compliance risk from investors, government regulators and litigators.
  • BSI Financial underwriters regularly undergo training and stay current on new underwriting guidelines and regulations.
  • We work with you to apply enhancements to our due diligence methods.
  • Flexible scheduling and delivery of services.
  • We take a consultative approach to reporting due diligence findings.