We offer loan servicing that creates a competitive advantage for you
Real-time visibility into loan status and performance.

BSI Financial Services provides unparalleled transparency into loan servicing of performing and non-performing portfolios. Whether from new loan originations, bulk acquisition in the secondary market or purchases of distressed loans, BSI Financial will customize a program to fit your needs and be fully compliant with all applicable regulations.

We call this "Your performance advantage" because we go the distance to make loan servicing problem-free, fully compliant with all applicable policies and regulations, and completely transparent, which enables you to focus on managing your investment portfolio.

A complete, transparent solution
  • We offer a complete, national servicing solution that complies with current investor guidelines and government regulations.
  • Our variable cost service is likely lower than a fixed-cost in-house solution.
  • You can private-label our servicing or we can brand it as BSI Financial Services in borrower communication.
  • We also offer component outsourcing services, which allows you to customize your servicing package.
  • We continuously review our servicing practices, investor reporting and borrower communication materials using in-house counsel to ensure compliance.
  • We offer online access to loan-level data, enabling real-time surveillance of servicing and loss mitigation activities.
  • Your borrowers will have multiple payment mechanisms, affording them a variety of options.
  • We provide quality monitoring and reporting that ensures compliance with prescribed procedures.
  • Your borrowers will have a single point-of-contact for loan payment and resolution issues.
  • We provide regular reconciliation of payments and escrow balances.
  • We are approved by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA, and private investors.
Loan services powered by cloud-based technology and a global workforce
  • Loan boarding and conversion includes mortgagor and collateral data validation, acquisition notifications and resolution of any exception items.
  • Cash management and investor reporting, from establishing custodial accounts to posting and reconciliation of payments using multiple payment mechanisms, and payoff processing.
  • Escrow administration that provides for account set-up for taxes and insurance, hazard loss recovery and annual escrow analysis.
  • Inbound customer service, with inquiry and response by phone, mail and Fax, delinquency prevention and resolution, all with comprehensive quality monitoring.
  • Loss mitigation and collections in accordance with prescribed procedures: late notice and demand letters, skip tracing, credit bureau reporting, and loss mitigation options from HAMP to 2MP.
  • Foreclosure / bankruptcy sample workflow that includes referrals to a nationwide attorney network, notifications of bankruptcy, Proof of Claim and Motion for Relief filings, litigation process management, preparation of bid and sales and eviction monitoring.
  • REO services that maximize investor return.