Loss mitigation services that are 100% compliant with state and federal regulations
You focus on the big picture as we tend to the details of loss mitigation

BSI Financial Services fills that rarefied space in loss mitigation: we’re large enough to manage your distressed portfolio while small enough to take the time to focus on your particular needs. As an independent outsourcer/servicer, we do not compete with the principal investing activities of our clients. We focus exclusively on adding value to your portfolio.

Business practices that abide by the letter of the law
  • Loss Mitigation and Collection services include inbound and outbound calling, with single point-of-contact supported.
  • Retention options that range from loan modification to reinstatement and forbearance, and all liquidation options.
  • Eligibility determination for HAMP, 2MP and HAFA.
  • Business rules and decisioning guided by detailed documentation, training and monitoring.
  • Bankruptcy processing and monitoring includes complete proof of claim (electronic filing and transfer); complete Motion for Relief; multiple timeline tracking and Motion Hearing results.
  • Post-petition and Contractual Reinstatement Quotes.
  • Loss mitigation efforts are supported during bankruptcy as permitted by law.
  • Foreclosure includes complete service order packages, including data, documents, demand letters and email.
  • Timeline updates with reporting that includes attorney updates and custom milestone reporting.
  • Close/Hold and Sales notifications, with sale information and beneficiary confirmation.
  • Property eviction and inspection/preservation services.
Confidence that comes from knowing your loss mitigation strategy is sound
  • Agile and flexible, BSI Financial adapts to your business model and priorities.
  • Our culture promotes responsive, personalized service to our clients.
  • Single point-of-contact ensures consistency of communication with every borrower.
  • Unique team structure combines loss mitigation and default servicing for best execution.
  • Transparency for investors using technology and direct access to loss mitigation associates.
  • Private label servicing is an option.
  • BSI Financial provides a variable cost solution at a lower total cost than insourced services.
  • Component outsourcing options are available.
  • One-stop resource for loan due diligence, quality control, loan servicing and loss mitigation.