Loan servicing creates a competitive advantage for our clients Loan quality control for quality to be sure Loan due diligence that uncovers all of the facts Loss mitigation services that pay close attention to detail Asset management that delivers capital performance
One of the largest, independent loan services providers, BSI Financial Services has grown steadily since its inception in 1987. Today we offer services that can be tailored to meet your individual needs, whether you need loan servicing capabilities, an independent quality control and loan review provider, due diligence on loan assets or asset management services. We employ cloud-based technology and operate with a high degree of transparency, affording you complete visibility and access to our services.

We provide Loan Servicing for both performing and non-performing loans that can be private-labeled or branded using BSI Financial Services. Our clients receive problem-free loan boarding, personalized service and support, and 100% compliance with all applicable policies and regulations using business practices and technology that provide complete transparency. We call this your performance advantage.

We also offer a complete Loss Mitigation solution that ranges from loan modification to reinstatement and forbearance, and all liquidation options. You can order foreclosure management services under a wholly-owned subsidiary, Entra Default Solutions.

Quality Control services are managed using BSI CARES, a proprietary process control and reporting platform that enables efficiency, transparency and a range of reporting options that meet investor guidelines while providing you actionable information for improving loan quality management.

Our loan Due Diligence service delivers a thorough review of loan assets covering regulatory compliance, collateral review, all note- and mortgage-related items and insurance policies. Examined with the experienced eye of an investor, you will receive a thorough assessment that can include strategies for loss mitigation, as required.

If you require Asset (REO) Management services, we are a one-stop national resource capable of handling large or small assignments, including asset reclamation to sale and closing.