Quality control services for when you need to be sure
Know where you stand when it comes to loan quality

Advanced process control and reporting technology, nearly three decades of experience in loan management and continuous training in new loan guidelines and regulations combine to make BSI Financial Services your ideal partner for managing loan quality. From project initiation to completion, we work closely with your team in all phases of the loan review process, delivering actionable information that will help you meet investor guidelines and improve your business practices.

Quality review projects managed using advanced proprietary technology
  • All assignments are coordinated through BSI CARES, our proprietary order management, process control and reporting application.
  • We provide you details of loans that are eligible for pre- and post-funding review and work with you to select loans that represent your production or your portfolio.
  • We coordinate shipping and receipt of paper or electronic files and establish review and testing requirements.
  • We review for credit, documentation, collateral and compliance. Exceptions are rated using three levels: Trivial, Moderate or Critical and documented in BSI CARES.
  • You will receive custom reports generated by BSI CARES that satisfy guidelines for investor reporting while providing you actionable information for process remediation. These loan-level exception reports identify defects and the corresponding severity of each item noted. Special Eligibility Violation Indicators alert you to quality issues that can affect program qualification.
  • Our representatives are available to review with you in detail the findings of QC reviews.
A fully transparent process guided by advanced, cloud-based technology
  • Compliant with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA pre- and post-funding guidelines.
  • BSI CARES uses cloud-based technology to ensure the efficiency and consistency of your loan quality review program.
  • Clear and comprehensive reporting meets investor standards while delivering actionable information.
  • Receive reports on loan quality risk factors, risk severity scores and trend analysis.
  • Exceptions reported at the Area of Accountability (AOA) level, highlighting training and process remediation needs.
  • Completely transparent review process provides visibility into review methods and results.
  • Thorough review of all disclosure documents.
  • Have confidence in knowing that your quality review process is sound.