We deliver the personal touch in loan servicing
Making loan services personal starts with understanding how our clients conduct their business. Our mission is to mold our operations and business processes to the way our clients operate, as this helps us create value at the outset of the relationship.

Our loan servicing platform gives us a great deal of flexibility to support customized processes, so we challenge ourselves by asking “how,” not “why,” when a prospective client outlines their preferred method of loan servicing.

Cloud computing enables flexibility, because we can call on knowledge workers from any one of our seven offices to support a particular client requirement.

Once loan boarding is completed, we assign a dedicated, three-person team to support an investor client. In addition to fostering familiarity with a client’s portfolio and business needs, this eliminates the possibility that an investor-client will get the run-around when they have questions about their account.

Our employees have been trained and encouraged to “find a better way” as they support our clients. This reduces the likelihood that blind adherence to rote policies and procedures will derail new thinking or a good idea that may create benefit for a client and apply to multiple relationships and processes.

Personalization may be business as usual for our employees, but it translates to a level of intimacy that we believe our clients appreciate.