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What's new at BSI Financial

  • 12/15/2020: S&P Ranks BSI Financial Services as a Residential Primary Servicer

    BSI Financial Services announced that S&P Global Ratings has affirmed the company’s Average ranking as a residential primary servicer and added the company onto its Select Servicer List.

    In its review, S&P cited BSI Financial’s tenured and experienced management team, its capable systems and technology supporting its primary servicing responsibilities—including robotic processing automation—and its ability to grow its prime loan portfolio year-over-year as reasons for the ranking.

    "We have stepped up our technology efforts to produce the highlights cited by Standard & Poor’s in their determination," said Gagan Sharma, BSI Financial president and CEO. "Our big data approach to loan servicing is producing favorable results for our clients and their customers, enabling portfolio growth while lowering servicing complaint rates.”

  • 11/9/2020: BSI Financial Names Brandon McGee Vice President of Portfolio Management

    BSI Financial Services, a mortgage-centric financial services company, announced it has hired Brandon McGee as vice president of mortgage servicing rights transaction manager. In his new role, McGee will be responsible for the company’s MSR and portfolio acquisitions and overseeing and supporting the day-to-day management of the company’s growing servicing portfolio.

    “We are thrilled to be able to add a person of Brandon’s long experience in MSR and portfolio management to the BSI Financial team,” said Larry Goldstone, president of capital markets and lending. “Brandon brings a relationship-based approach to portfolio management and has a proven track record of exceeding performance goals. His passion and flair for problem-solving will serve us well.”

  • 8/24/2020: BSI Financial Partners with Kasasa to Power New Loan Product for Credit Unions and Community Banks

    Kasasa®, an award-winning financial technology and marketing provider, and BSI Financial Services, a technology-centric financial services company, have partnered to increase servicing speed and visibility of a revolutionary mortgage loan product that community banks and credit unions can market to their customers.

    BSI Financial will provide loan servicing for community banks and credit unions offering the Kasasa Mortgage™, a one-of-a-kind product that allows financial institutions to compete with larger banks on more than just rates, while creating value for borrowers and providing an innovative lending experience. It features a unique concept called a "Take-Back™," which provides borrowers the flexibility to accelerate loan payments to reduce debt but take back all or part of the pre-paid amount if they need it.

  • 8/18/2020: BSI Financial Announces Key Executive Promotions

    BSI Financial Services, a mortgage-centric financial services company, today announced it has promoted Larry Goldstone to president of capital markets and lending and John Lawrence to president of servicing and lender services.

    A 20-year veteran of the mortgage industry, Lawrence previously served as BSI’s executive vice president and chief servicing officer, where he led the company’s Entra, ESPL and quality control groups. In his new role, Lawrence will be responsible for the overall profitability and operations of the company’s servicing and lender services businesses. Prior to joining the company, Lawrence held senior executive positions at PIMCO, PennyMac, Wells Fargo and IndyMac Bank.

    Goldstone previously led BSI’s mortgage servicing rights strategy as executive vice president of capital markets. Over the past six years, he helped grow BSI into one of the top 10 buyers of flow mortgage servicing rights and developed a new retention/refinance group for the company. Prior to joining BSI, Goldstone was founder and CEO of Aventur Partners, a business consulting and investment advisory firm. He was also the co-founder, CEO and president of Thornburg Mortgage, which he built into one of the most successful mortgage real estate investment trusts.

  • 1/27/2020: Cindy Silva Joins BSI Financial as Director of Sales

    BSI Financial Service has hired Cindy Silva as Director of Sales.

    Silva will be responsible for day-to-day sales leadership of BSI Financial's loan subservicing, quality control, and real estate business lines offered through Entra Solutions, an independent company recently launched by BSI Financial that combines the operations of its title and escrow, real estate and foreclosure and default services.

  • 12/20/2019: Fitch Upgrades BSI Financial's U.S. RMBS Servicer Ratings

    Fitch Ratings-New York-20 December 2019: Fitch Ratings has upgraded BSI Financial Services' (BSI) U.S. residential mortgage servicer ratings as follows:

    • U.S. residential primary servicer rating for Prime product to 'RPS3' from 'RPS3-';
    • U.S. residential special servicer rating to 'RSS3' from 'RSS3-'.

    The Rating Outlook remains Stable.

    The ratings and Stable Rating Outlook reflect BSI's experienced management team, adequate risk control environment and integrated servicing technology. The ratings and Outlook also incorporate the company's financial condition.

  • 9/19/2019: Allen Price Joins BSI Financial as SVP for Sales and Business Development

    BSI Financial Services has hired Allen Price as senior vice president of sales and business development to lead the company's financial and real estate services lines of business.

    Price will be responsible for growing BSI Financial's loan subservicing, quality control, mortgage servicing rights (MSR) purchase and real estate business lines offered through Entra Solutions, an independent company recently launched by BSI Financial that combines the operations of its title and escrow, real estate and foreclosure and default services.

  • 5/292019: We Respond to the CFPB Announcement and Consent Order

    On May 29, 2019, BSI Financial Services entered into a consent order with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In April 2014, the CFPB asserted that BSI Financial did not have an adequate information technology plan that included procedures to ensure the integrity of loan data obtained from other servicers when boarding loans.

    BSI Financial has always been committed to delivering a high-quality customer experience to borrowers while complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. The data integrity issues identified by the CFPB were isolated to loans that were boarded prior to September 2014. While we regret any instance in which we did not comply with a regulatory requirement, we believe those cases were isolated incidents and have been resolved in the ordinary course of business.

    We reached this agreement with the CFPB in the interest of putting this matter behind us to focus on the needs of our clients, employees, and borrowers.

    "The CFPB essentially asked us to create a data integrity program, so we developed technology that drives the best data integrity program in the industry," said Gagan Sharma, BSI Financial President and CEO. "We remain committed to being compliant with all rules and guidelines."

    In February 2017, BSI Financial launched a new analytics application that performs loan-level analysis of all loans we service, as well as new loans being boarded. Named BSI ASSET360TM, the application scours 10,000 standardized data elements and examines the entire portfolio daily, applying more than 1,000 business rules. Any exceptions or anomalies it finds are then referred to operations teams for research and remediation.

    ASSET360 is an example of REGTECH, a type of technology that enables us to perform daily exception analysis of every loan we service to reduce errors, improve service to borrowers and ensure regulatory compliance. It is unique to BSI Financial and we believe it is the most advanced application of its kind.

    ASSET360 drives daily reporting to lenders, updates loan information available to borrowers through desktop and mobile applications and is used to support our data integrity program. It is core to our information technology and data improvement strategies.

  • 5/16/2019: BSI Financial Appoints Three New Members to Management Team

    BSI Financial Services has added three new members to its management team, filling roles that are key to its growth strategy. It names Jean-Marc Eichner as senior vice president, Loan Originations; Adam Rider as vice president, Accounting, and Natalie Owens as director, Business Development.

    A seasoned business professional with a deep background in financial services, particularly in optimizing the customer experience, Eichner will lead a new strategic initiative focused on portfolio retention and building BSI Financial’s customer franchise.

    Nearing two decades of experience in finance and accounting for financial services, Rider will help position BSI for a period of sustained growth and expansion in his leadership role in Accounting.

    Owens is promoted from her position as assistant vice president in BSI Financial's Foreclosure department. Prior to joining BSI in January 2016, she managed business relations for Butler & Hosch, P.A. and supervised the Special Proceedings Department for Brice, Vander Linden and Wernick P.C. She holds a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies from Southern Methodist University.

  • 2/252019: BSI Financial Announces Strategy to Purchase Mortgage Servicing Rights

    BSI Financial Services announced that it has partnered with two institutional investors to purchase mortgage servicing rights (“MSR”). This capability is funded by a capital raise in excess of $100 million, which was nearly three times the amount targeted. BSI Financial will source, perform due diligence and service MSR assets acquired in partnership with these investors.